New Start-Up Creates Coworking Space for Cannabis Growers

If you are planning on becoming a cannabis entrepreneur in Florida, a new start-up will soon offer you a special place for co-working and co-growing. Understanding the opportunities of the rapidly growing cannabis market, Podwerks decided to provide business solutions for people who want to cultivate marijuana without huge investments.

According to the project’s co-founders Frank Yglesias and Matt Arnett, the start-up will offer individuals spaces for growing weed as well as create a special atmosphere for education, marketing, and sale of cannabis-related products.

The company will provide specially developed zones that include steel shipping containers equipped with climate control, hydroponic grow equipment, and lights; there will also be stations for seedings, clones, and curling.

Besides, the project will also consist of separate working zones, where the founders are planning to arrange cannabis-related education for future entrepreneurs. Podwerks members will have a unique opportunity to visit a series of professional and social events. There they will be able to listen to the industry leaders, connect with investors, and establish a strong community.

The idea of providing weed entrepreneurs with a cooperative grow area and workspace is the first in the cannabis industry. However, other companies have already offered shipping containers, so it is now an industry trend. For instance, PharmPods creates growing containers for marijuana cultivation, but a forty thousand dollar container is not affordable for all growers. In contrast, Podwerks can provide their members with a 40-foot cultivation space for a monthly payment of $8,500.

If this price is still high for you, the start-up has cheaper options of smaller spaces. Thus, the lowest price for the project membership is $750 per month. It will provide you with a five-square-foot cultivation space.

In addition to growing containers and working space, Podwerks will also include bathrooms, cafes, and places for selling marijuana-related products.

Podwerks in Florida will be a pilot project that is also aimed to provide opportunities for local governments to educate cannabis growers on how to comply with local marijuana regulations. The project founders believe that their start-up will provide distribution oversight that will eliminate the black market.

If the project becomes successful in Florida, Matt and Frank are going to launch similar innovative workspaces in seven more states with legal marijuana: Massachusetts, California, Washington, Colorado, Maine, Oregon, and Michigan.

Source: Weedgrow Hub