Podwerks Has Created A New Marijuana Workplace Environment

Danielle Ludwig
Weed Daily

A Florida-based startup company is blazing new trails in the world of marijuana cultivation by encouraging cannabis entrepreneurs to work alongside each other and together in a new system of co-growing. Podwerks’ concept is simple but profound: Provide affordable and scalable facilities for aspiring commercial growers to practice their craft and network with like-minded individuals.

Through the use of modified steel shipping container units that have been outfitted for hydroponic growing, the company aims to give cultivators a flexible work environment wherein they can practice sustainable growing methods at a portion of the price that is charged for the use of traditional spaces. While a 40-foot, fully-equipped grow unit may charge in excess of $40,000, Podwerks’ alternative offers the same amount of space for an $8,500 per month fee.

If you’re just starting out and don’t need much space to accomplish your cultivation goals, the company also offers smaller spaces as well as what they call the “Grow Mini,” which comes with a $750 a month price tag. So there are options for operations of many sizes, adding to the appeal of this unique type of workspace.

Podwerks unit are poised to begin cropping up this summer, largely in designated urban areas that allow for the cultivation and sale of marijuana. However, uncertainties surrounding regulation remain a distinct problem for marijuana-based companies throughout the nation. Because the company certainly can’t control what the regulations are, they must simply play by the rules as they are written right now. Officials from Podwerks consider their product to be a “guinea pig” of sorts. Basically: Try it out and see what happens.

In addition to the workplace environment that Podwerks provides, they also host social and professional events that are designed to facilitate cooperativeness and keep growers in the know in regards to their industry. Local government outreach events are on the itinerary as well, as Podwerks considers it a priority to work together with and alongside local governments.

Click here to see a video depicting a mock-up of what a Podwerks facility may look like.