Santo Mining Corp (OTCMKTS:SANP) Finalizes LoI With Alesca Life Technologies


Santo Mining Corp (OTCMKTS:SANP) and Alesca Life Technologies has finalized a letter of intent, under which both firms will assess mounting Alescas EDN Sprout mechanism in every PODWERKS containers.

This mechanism is a cloud-connected sensor box integrated with the latest grow management smartphone application directly related to the Alesca Life analytics and optimization system. By offering the EDN Sprout system in PODWERKS container, the firm will provide every grower crucial information at their fingertips to exploit the grow cycle for better yield.

Alesca Life objective is to create next-gen urban farming offerings utilizing advanced software technology and an innovative hardware design. They are looking to optimize different parts of the agricultural supply chain from storage and production to consumption and transportation, and in doing so, completely lessen the environmental impact of latest food production.

Alesca Life strives to offer cities with the cleanest and freshest possible vegetables by intentionally positioning grow rooms in and nearby key metropolitan regions. The grow rooms will manufacture premium organics without the utilization of pesticides and will use water, land resources and fertilizer far more efficiently compared to traditional agriculture

Matt Arnett, the CCO of Santo Mining, reported that this app will assist urban growers sustain optimal environmental settings, including notifying them 24 hours per day to any variations inside the grow pods that can impact the grow cycle. Additionally, Arnett mentioned that they will be checking the system soon and collecting important data in the cultivation cycle of the cannabis crop, to adjust sensors for optimal and peak grow performance.

Santo Mining mentioned that as part of its objective of Grow for Life, Podwerks intends to establish a sustainable and community led workspace by offering a scalable, a safe business and affordable environment for its owner-operators and customers. Already well positioned at the cannabis start-up segment, Podwerks continues to advance and lead in the cannabis shared-economies industry.