PODWERKS First of its Kind Co-Working Space for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

DORAL, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2017 / Santo Mining Corp. dba PODWERKS (the “Company”) (OTC PINK: SANP) Announces first-of-its-kind co-working modular space for cannabis entrepreneurs. Podwerks are designed using modular pods made from modified steel shipping containers, providing cannabis entrepreneurs with a complete turnkey solution for growing, marketing, and selling cannabis related products in approved zoning areas in accordance to local and state laws. Podwerks spaces feature multiple pods ranging in sizes from 10 to 40 foot containers, that come with fully equipped growing stations, office space with Wi-Fi, a coffee shop, and retail cannabis outlet; creating a diverse stream of revenue for the Company and its owner-operators.

Inspired by today’s millennials and their continued participation in shared economies as a way of life and business, Podwerks is on track to becoming the WeWork of the $7-billion-dollar cannabis industry. “We’re really seeing a tremendous opportunity to help and empower young cannapreneurs to be successful in creating their own start-ups businesses. We clearly see the demand for these type of co-working services in the cannabis space, and we’re excited to be bringing this concept to such a robust industry,” says Matthew Arnett, Podwerks’ Chief Marketing Officer. Cannaprenuer is a coined term referring to cannabis entrepreneurs. “Our co-working space coupled with our business resources and community concept, is a unique value we bring to our customers and owner-operators,” added Arnett.

With more U.S. states shifting to a complete legalization of marijuana, the rise in the number of cannabis related SMEs are projected to skyrocket, positioning Podwerks’ suite of business services and growing campus facilities in a prime market.

Part of Podwerks entry and market expansion plans includes working side by side with potential owner-operators who may be new to the cannabis industry. Some of the added-value services Podwerks aims to deliver to its owner-operators includes access to private financing, pod management services, and their exclusive 420 Depot hardware support for part replacements.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest out there in our unique co-working space concept,” says Frank Yglesias, Podwerks’ Co-founder and CEO. “There is a large opportunity in urban areas where commercial retail lots are not being used and we can retrofit our Podwerks design to bring value to the community and to the landowner with a new revenue generating model in the cannabis sector. We’re happy to be serving as that bridge to property owners who would otherwise not attempt to do it on their own. They can choose our brand and feel confident, they’re not alone,” added Yglesias.

The Company will be launching its new website early next week, in addition to providing a company update on its financials and transparency process.

The Company will be also vetting specialty commercial realtors in cannabis friendly areas, to start the immediate development of the Podwerks campus.

For additional information about Podwerks visit www.podwerks.com.

Source: Yahoo Finance